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The Lakota Martial Arts Instructor Helping Native Women Recuperate Their Strength

Patty Stonefish can take down a fully grown man by his finger. Patty, a 26-year-old joint-lock ninja of Lakota heritage from North Dakota, has actually been studying taekwondo for more than a decade. For demos like the one she is doing tonight, she keeps it easy: single-action moves with names that women can keep in mind in a panic, like grandmother s grip.


Butter Coffee: Nutritional Panacea or Simply Another Food Science Trend?

If you’ve spent at any time around health nuts or fitness enthusiasts, there’s an opportunity you’ve become aware of the benefits of butter coffee. The drink, made from mixing butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil with coffee, is promoted by popularizer Dave Asprey as a biohack that can give customers the "clarity and energy to rip it up for hours."


Martial arts fighter takes Bloody course to biz success

A year ago, Emily Griffen was still a Muay Thai personal trainer. Now, she’s making Bloody Mary mix.Griffen was heavily associated with the micah terrill MMA martial art for six years, consisting of combating and training in Thailand for all 2012 up until she saw a niche in the Bloody Mary company.She began the health-conscious Brewt s Bloody .